Hi. I am Steve Lane, a glamour and event photographer based in Maidstone, Kent. I have been taking pictures for more years than I care to remember. I bought my first SLR camera when I was about 17, a Zenit E I think it was, and haven't looked back since. After the usual thing of taking the film to Boots to get my masterpieces developed and printed I gave in and processed my own.....in the bathroom with the windows blacked out!!! Very inconvienient for some! After trying out various camera brands back in the olden days, i finally started using Nikon equipment. I am still using Nikon gear albeit in its digital guise.

Working mainly from studios near Maidstone, on location or home shoots (I have my own lights),I specialise in lingerie and glamour shoots, with either people I know and who are willing to subject themselves to the strange surroundings of a photographic studio, or professional models who know what it's all about.

The site, at the moment, is more of a work in progress than the finished article, but then it probably always will be!!

Thanks for visiting